Auto insurance requirements per state

As a driver in the United States we are required to obtain some sort of auto insurance. Each state has its own minimum auto insurance requirements, which all drivers must be able to provide proof of, in order to maintain their driver’s license in that state. Some states place higher financial demands on its motorist then others. Still, no matter what state you are living in, you are required to meet the state’s auto insurance minimum requirements in order to legally drive. These laws have been put into place to protect vehicle owners.

(This is a key for the abbreviations used in list below)

Bodily Injury / BI

Property Damage Liability / PDL

Uninsured / UI

Under Insured Motorist / UIM

Personal Injury Protection / PIP

Financial Responsibility Only / FRO

Medical Payments / MP

Below is a list of states and the minimum auto insurance obligations that are required in order to legally drive.

  • Alabama – BI, PDL.
  • Alaska – BI, PDL.
  • Arizona – BI, PDL.
  • Arkansas – BI, PDL.
  • California – BI, PDL.
  • Colorado – BI, PDL, PIP.
  • Connecticut – BI, PDL, UI, UIM.
  • Delaware – BI, PDL, PIP.
  • District of Columbia – BI, PDL, UI, UIM.
  • Florida – PDL, PIP.
  • Georgia – BI, PDL.
  • Hawaii – BI, PDL, PIP.
  • Idaho – BI, PDL.
  • Illinois – BI, PDL, UIM.
  • Indiana – BI, PDL.
  • Iowa – BI, PDL.
  • Kansas – BI, PDL, PIP, UIM.
  • Kentucky – BI, PDL, PIP.
  • Louisiana – BI, PDL.
  • Maine – BI, PDL, UM, UIM.
  • Maryland – PIP, PDL, UM.
  • Massachusetts – BI, PDL, PIP, UIM.
  • Michigan – BI, PDL, PIP.
  • Minnesota – BI, PDL, PIP, UM, UIM.
  • Mississippi – BI, PDL.
  • Missouri – BI, PDL, UM.
  • Montana – BI, PDL.
  • Nebraska – BI, PDL.
  • Nevada – Bodily BI, PDL.
  • New Hampshire – FRO, UM.
  • New Jersey – BI, PDL, PIP, UM.
  • New Mexico – BI, PDL.
  • New York – BI, PDL, PIP, UM.
  • North Carolina – BI, PDL.
  • North Dakota – BI, PDL, PIP, UM.
  • Ohio – BI, PDL.
  • Oklahoma – BI, PDL.
  • Oregon – – BI, PDL, PIP, UM.
  • Pennsylvania – BI, PDL, MP.
  • Rhode Island – BI, PDL, UM.
  • South Carolina – BI, PDL, UM.
  • South Dakota – BI, PDL, UM.
  • Tennessee – Financial Responsibility Only.
  • Texas – BI, PDL.
  • Utah – BI, PDL, PIP.
  • Vermont – BI, PDL, UM, UIM.
  • Virginia – BI, PDL, UM.
  • Washington – BI, PDL.
  • West Virginia – BI, PDL, UM.
  • Wisconsin – FRO, UM.
  • Wyoming – BI, PDL.

This list is subject to change depending on updates and/or changes to each state’s laws.

If a motorist is properly insured, and you get into an accident with that motorist at their fault, you will find that in most cases their insurance company will take financial responsibility for any damages that you may have incurred, as a result of that accident.

A great tool to help you in obtaining information about auto insurance providers is the internet. I would recommend that all motorists first try to obtain an auto insurance quote from multiple insurance providers, before making any final decisions. Your monthly auto insurance obligation does not have to cost you a fortune. There are many great companies out there that offer very competitive rates.

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